Desire for her husband…

Desire for her husband…

To the woman He said… your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you (Gen 3:16)

As we noted earlier on, when the woman reversed the order of authority and submission instituted by God in the home and on the earth, the Lord God came to announce the eternal solution in that curse which He placed on the Serpent. In addition to that however, pending the time that the permanent solution welcome, He also brought a remedial means to restore the right order of authority in the home.
This is evident in the judgment He placed on the woman. Your desire shall be to your husband is not a normal thing in the divine agenda of husband-wife relationship, it is a punishment. It came still as an act of God’s love for the woman so that she will not lose everything. The perfect will of God is for the man and his wife to make the Lord God the desire of their hearts.

Hag 2:7 And I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of all Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory, says the Lord of hosts.

Their desire was supposed to be to the Lord But since they fell from the estate and the woman began to desire the things of the world and the devil, God decided to remedy the situation. Rather than allow the woman to continue with the unbridled evil desire, God preferred that her desires be for her husband until the time of redemption, the time when the seed of the woman would succeed in bruising the head of the serpent. Though that was a punishment, it was also a remedy.

In addition, God’s original intention is for the woman to simply, lovingly and willingly submit to her husband without any feeling of shame or having to be compelled by an uncontrollable desire.
He is the leader in that relationship, she is the assistant. It is normal for an assistant to submit to the leader. But since she decided to submit to the serpent, God brought in that judgment on her in order to enforce her obedience. God preferred to allow her husband to rule over her than to allow her to be given unbridled liberty and let loose to make wild decisions. It was a remedial means to enforce her obedience, pending the time of redemption.

Bless you,
Pastor Cindy.

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  1. Julian Nayiga

    Amen-Such an eye Opener.
    Jesus turns us away from unbridled worldly evil lusts and desires to God ordained marital relationships in which both husband and wife are to serve each other ,die to selfish desires daily, pursue God and flourish in his embrace.

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