Every child deserves a champion

Every child deserves the opportunity to better their future, to become what they are destined to be and to pursue their purpose in life. There is no better way to invest in the world than to invest in children who are marginalised by their social and economic instability. As a church this is our passion for mankind and we are dedicated to sharing the true love of Jesus Christ. We have set our priority to become change makers in the world around us.
Our commitment to a Holy community, growing community and serving community led us to establish this unique relationship with Miracle Primary School (MPS) in Uganda. This school is an extraordinary institution that is managed by people who seek nothing but the prosperity of a generation that has been rejected due to inequality and poor social background and to spread the word of God.
This project will focus on the orphans and needy children who are being supported at MPS. Hope is under the umbrella of CLC church and will focus on improving the education of orphan kids from Miracle primary school. The finances will support their school fees, medical expenses and general well-being. Our purpose is to empower every child’s spiritual and educational barriers to allow them to thrive in their community.
Hope encourages people to approach challenges with a mind-set and strategy suitable for success, thereby increasing their chances to accomplish their dreams. The goal for hope is to give each child at miracle school the opportunity for a good education as a foundation for a successful future.
For more information, please contact us:
Tel: 01865 772152 Email: hope@clcoxford.co.uk
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