In the beginning: The Conclusion

In the beginning: The Conclusion

Hi everyone I hope you have enjoyed the series of in the beginning.
December will be my last write-up and I will start a new series on a completely different topic.

Let me finish of by talking about Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene also travailed in prayers with tears at the tomb of Jesus, seeking the resurrected lord. According to the gospel of John chapter twenty, verses one to eighteen, on the third day after Jesus died and was buried, she went to the tomb early in the morning, seeking to anoint His body, only to discover that the stone that was used to cover the mouth of the tomb had been rolled away and His body was no longer in the grave. She ran to go and tell Peter and John, who ran to the tomb to see what happened.
They found that it was true that Jesus body was no longer in the tomb, but they did not wait to find out what happened to His body. They did not know that He had risen from the dead.
Whereas peter and John could not wait or persevere there to find out, Mary stood there at the tomb weeping, seeking Jesus. She would not be persuaded to leave the place. She continued travailing at that tomb until the resurrected Lord appeared to her. She wept and looked inside and wept again and made her request known to God. At last, here others saw nothing, she saw the resurrected Lord.
She was the first to see the Lord after resurrection. She was the first to preach the resurrection message. If not for her persistent travail. The apostles would have started preaching another kind of message, a message of death and defeat (which lacked power to save) saying, they have taken away the Lord, we only saw the napkin nearly folded.
But Mary Magdalene, even as a single lady (not married) brought forth something eternal through her travail in prayer and perseverance. She saw the risen Lord and heard His instruction.
She went forth with the resurrection message, I have seen the Lord which changed the atmosphere of gloom around the apostles and brought joy and faith. That resurrection message bruised the head of the serpent and quenched the fabricated story that the Scribes and the high coined and bribed the soldiers to proclaim saying. He did not rise from the dead; His disciples stole His body away while we slept on duty.

There are situations all around us today that call for serious travail. Satan is ruling over many nations today, hindering people from drawing nigh to God and seeing the resurrected Lord. There is wickedness and corruption in many communities. Sexual immorality is eating deep into the fabrics of many lives. Many churches are filled with the doctrines of devils. Our young once have been perverted from the truth. The devil is having a field day in many lives. But unto us it has been given to being forth the seed that will bruise the head of the serpent.

Be the man or the woman that God will have you to be.

See you in 2019.
Pastor Cindy


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