In the Beginning

In the Beginning

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” (Gen.1:27-28)

It is interesting to note that God’s thought to make both man and woman came at the same time. Even though they were made, one after the other, she was not an afterthought. God made the woman with a special purpose in mind right from the beginning, just as He did concerning the man while they were made as God’s delegates, for the purpose of controlling and governing the earth, God was to directly governing the earth, God was to directly govern the Heavens.

But the man was not made to live and handle the earth alone. Both the man and the woman had an indispensable part in the work. None of them could do without the other. They were made to be partners. The man was to lead in the work, while the woman was to handle the noble role of a helper. The help that a man needed in order to make his life complete and for him to completely fulfil his assignment on earth, was put in her life.

What a serious responsibility. She was a precious creation with a divine assignment which made her indispensable in the fulfilment of God’s purpose on earth. In order to fulfil her assignment on earth, God decided to put in her certain treasures that every woman must not be ignorant of.

The man and his wife lived and laboured together harmoniously over the earth for some time. Unfortunately one day, the devil struck in his subtlety in Genesis chapter three. Satan masqueraded in the form of a serpent and chose to come to the woman to tempt her. He probably knew that once he got the woman, he has got the man and all mankind. Satan was so confident of this that after tempting the woman he did not bother to go and tempt the man separately. He simply left. This shows that there was something special and indispensable about the woman such that even the devil could not ignore her, he chose to go for her.

Unfortunately it appears as if the first woman was somehow ignorant about her worth in God that made her to unwittingly play into the hands of the devil. She was tempted by the devil to disobey God’s command and she fell, and her husband fell along with her. They both fell out of God’s plan for their lives; they fell out of their inheritance. Then the Lord God placed His judgment on each of them and drove them out of the Garden of Eden.

This clearly shows how much the devil contends for the treasures in a woman and the position of authority in which God puts the man and the woman on earth. Up to today the contention between Satan and the woman is very serious. He has always attempted to offer her some sugar-coated rubbish if she would agree to exchange her glory for a spoon of pottage. Unfortunately many women today are quite ignorant of the treasures that God put in their lives and the place of honor where He placed the creature called woman in the universe. As a result they easily fall prey into the hands of the enemy, exchanging their glory for goods.

It is very crucial that we search the scriptures to discover these treasures, even if it be in a measure, so that we might be focused on fulfilling God’s purpose for making us women and place the devil where he belongs.

Let’s continue ……….soon.


  1. Monica Thomas

    My baptism was the best choice I have ever made. It deactivated the curse over my life god has transferred my tears of sadness to happiness and it feels amazing

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