Increasing Your Capacity

Increasing Your Capacity

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” -Luke 2:52

To increase our capacity requires INTENT. We have to be intentional about growing. Natural growth comes naturally but all other forms of growing require positive intent for growth to happen. In Proverbs it says:

But much Increase comes by the strength of the Ox” -Proverbs 14:4

Overloaded Capacity

In other words where no effort is exerted then you cannot expect increase to come. When God created the earth and placed man in paradise, the most perfect place ever created on earth, there was still something man had to do. The Bible says, he should “RULE”. The word rule implies strict order. Discipline and effort had to be maintained in order for the garden to Increase.

God puts a man and a woman together. He places them into this perfect place called “Covenant Relationship” in order to fulfil our purpose together but we have to increase in capacity. Your relationship will never experience the zenith of God’s intention until each person increases their potential.

Increasing your capacity blogIn churches the same principle applies. Many people join churches and instead of increasing the value of the church they begin to find faults and become big-time critics. We could say the same things about our places of work or in any-thing which God has purposed for us. It takes strength and a committed intention to increase and grow your capacity. I am more zealous for the Lord now than I have ever been. Bad times and persecution have not worn me down, I am still increasing more and more after nineteen years of pastoring CLC.

Increase your capacity is the key to overcoming the challenges of life. Often the things we are trying to change are static, they have been crystallised and will not change but you can become a big-ger person in Christ. In-stead of trying to be nicer and nicer why not use the same effort to increase in the Lord. God is not look-ing for nicer Christians. He needs men and women who are growing into His likeness and into His per-fect image. Commit to growth and increase your capacity in the wisdom and stature of Christ


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