The mission team completed a successful twelve-day trip to Jamaica and we are delighted with the marvellous work that they were able to do. The team joined with “The Church of God of Prophecy” in the Parish of St Thomas to under-take a number of outreach activities. CLC’s vision as a church is to share Christ locally, nationally and internationally. We have a mandate to preach the gospel and we take it seriously when it comes to sharing the message of Christ to a fading world.

The team, together with the host church, has done an incredible work. While the team were there, they hosted an evening’s crusade and many from the surrounding areas came to worship the Lord. We also participated in evangelism outreach to share the love and hope message of Christ. We hosted barbecue events, which were designed to provide free food for people in the community, especially those in need. We also conducted school assemblies and visited one of the country’s prisons.

Many people came forward to give their lives to Jesus for the first time. People with all sorts of challenging situations received hope and testified that God has done amazing things in their lives as a direct result of the mission.

We really want to thank the CLC family for your wonderful generosity in giving so much in many different ways. The team gave the community food items, clothing, toiletries, education materials, stationery and sport resources. Those who benefited from the items are so grateful for what the church has done. The team noticed the impact that the items given had on the people, and the people were encouraged by the genuine love of Christ.

We want to thank God for the vision of our Senior Pastor in honouring the legacy of his father and enabling us, through Christ, to set up generational blessings.

Some photos from the trip.