Following a conference trip to several rural villages in Kenya in April 2010, The Lord impressed upon the heart of Pastor Grady the need for a borehole in Narok. During his visit to the village, he was overwhelmed by the staggering number of ill mothers and children due to the lack of clean water and annually long drought seasons.

After consulting with the senior pastor of the church in Narok, Pastor Wilson, it was agreed that Pastor Grady would take the concern back to CLC Oxford. On his return to the UK Pastor Grady, the leaders and the Church agreed to pursue the project. The Narok Water Project was born. The aim was to enhance the living conditions of the villagers whilst providing them with a long term sustainable means of living.

However, before the project was entirely agreed, there were some major challenges to be overcome such as land ownership, Hydro-geological survey, long distance project management, governmental approval and finances. Nonetheless, these were all resolved and the project was commissioned.

In March 2011, the team began the drilling of the well. After drilling to a depth of 170m, this was 100 metres more than what had been anticipated, the team encountered good quality water and this was found to be in abundance. The work was finally completed in November 2011 with the pumps and generator installed, the housing for the generator built, pipes and tools and the infrastructure put in to support the large water tanks.

The official opening was conducted on the 30th November 2011. The entire village was present and buzzing with excitement. Also present were elected politicians and government officials and it proved to be a time of rejoicing for all.

The success of the project has provided the following benefits for the community:

  • Health Benefits: The number of people who had been found ill from non sanitised water has practically drop to none and water borne diseases are no longer an issue in the community.
  • Economic Benefits: In the past, villagers had to travel six hours to get water. Now their time can be used productivity to make life better.
  • Cleanliness: Before the borehole, clean water was heavily rationed and was primarily used for cooking and drinking. Now with the abundance of clean water, hygiene is no longer a luxury but rather a commodity available to all the villagers.

The long term goals are to develop this project so that the villagers can begin selling the water, cultivate vegetable farming, develop chicken farming and other related projects. The goal is for Narok to become completely self-sufficient and eventually to recreate this project elsewhere in similar poverty stricken villages.

We thank the Lord and all the members of Christian Life Centre in Oxford, who generously contributed to this worthwhile project. The hope is that for many years, this project will bring about a lasting testimony of what The Lord is able to do for anyone who will trust in Him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is taking a strong hold in this area. Thanks to this great project, many lives have been saved and extended into adulthood, people now have hope of seeing their dreams fulfilled because of the giving of our church members.

(Proverbs 11:25 NKJV) The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.