Mary was Rightly Located

Mary was Rightly Located

The location of a woman is very important in becoming useful in God’s hands. Mary was physically (and spiritually) located in a place where God could reach her and use her.
Unlike Naomi, Mary was in Nazareth, within the land of promise. She was in the presence of God. She was in a place where the Spirit of the Lord could freely visit her and commune with her. And in terms of spiritual location, she lived a holy life. No wonder when the Lord sent the angel to her address, she was there, she did not miss that blessing.

Naomi, who was also supposed to be among the women in the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ, missed that holy assignment because she was wrongly located even physically. She went to Moab in search of food. She wasted her seed in the far country. Ruth had to take her place in the divine mandate of bringing forth the Seed that bruised the head of the Serpent.
This shows that even your physical location as a woman must be in line with the will of God. God is interested in everything concerning His children. Have you been moving here and there, going anywhere you like, not minding where God wants you to be? Is there any dissatisfaction in your heart concerning the place where God locates you and whatever God gives you?

As a married woman you may likely say your location is not yours to decide; it is your husband that decides it. That is true but you have a contribution to make for both of you to arrive at a conclusion. Even if the man seems to be domineering, you can press the remote control in the place of prayer and influence him at the throne of grace. Speak to his Head (Christ) in prayer. His Head will control him so that he may not lead you astray.
Maybe if Naomi had done this, her family would not have migrated to Moab and the great calamity that befell them could have been avoided. If you desire to be a fruitful woman whose seed will bruise the head of the serpent, you must be properly located. You must not run from where God wants you to be, no matter the difficulties you encounter. Rather than run away, ask the Lord for grace. He will soon visit you as He visited Mary.

It is also important to be properly located spiritually. The bible says, walk in love, as Christ also loved us and gave Himself for us (Eph.5:2). That is the right location for divine usefulness.
Walk in love. Pursue peace with all men, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. (Heb 12:14) Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
These are all examples of situations and locations where God’s spirit can reach a child of God in order to use her for his Glory. But when a woman lives in hatred, bitterness and walks in the flesh, she will miss the opportunity for divine usefulness because she is in a wrong location of life.

Bless to be a blessing
Pastor Cindy.

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