Ghana Mission Trip

After weeks of prayer, training and trusting in God the team were released to do the work of God. We are happy to report that God showed Himself mightily during the mission trip and great things were done to His glory. As a result; many people gave their lives to Christ, and others received restoration in their lives. As part of the humanitarian aspect, the team took many gifts to the church, schools and hospitals in the community. The community was touched by the gifts donated by the generous members of Christian Life Centre, Oxford.
One of the most striking parts of the trip was the Love of Christ the team brought and shared with the people in the community. Their openness to allow God to work through them demonstrated the overwhelming anointing of God’s grace within each member. It made and left an enormous impartation of the true love of God in the small community in Ghana. The mission trip was run in collaboration with Christian Life Centre Church, Takoradi. During the two weeks period of the trip, the team and members from the church held assemblies in four primary schools. They presented the gifts of books; pens, pencils, maths equipment, rulers, glues, books and other such resources to the schools. The material gifts and the team were gratefully received and the team were encouraged and welcomed into individual classes to meet the pupils whose lives they were helping to change and transform.
The visits to the three hospitals (private and public) were a life changing part of the trip. The team experienced first-hand overwhelming lack of resources afforded to the staff of the community hospitals. Despite the lack the undivided love attention each patient received was inspiring. The team quickly set to work and began talking to and praying for patients, encouraging them in their time of need. Many of the patients in the main general hospital were in a very uncomfortable state; and the team were able to share the love, and life of Christ with some of the ward, adding hope and life to those in need. Again the parcels of gifts made up of towels; bed linen, detergents, hand washes, bandages, medical supplies, and many more were donated to the Hospital. The visit has begun a partnership with the hospitals which we hope will continue.
As the purpose of the trip was to reach the unsaved, the team relentlessly moved into the community to share the salvation message of Jesus Christ. Ministering the infallible word of God to people on the streets was a life changing experience for many of the team members. As the team approach people many doors were opened for the word to be shared and many people came to the Lord Jesus Christ.
The mission enabled the team to talk to the community through the local radio station, which was a great success and many listeners were encouraged to hear of a team of young people willing to reach out to their community with the love of God. The final visit to the station allowed callers to the station to share their views with the team and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the youth of the community.
CLC Takoradi was the venue for many of the events and the entire church was blessed in many ways. Through inspiring teachings, chat shows, songs, and worship the team of eight members carried the message of love and the cross to the church in a way that was inspiring, relevant and innovative. Clearly an impact had been made and was left on church community changing the way church has been viewed forever. The team were a part of fulfilling a dream and vision; they were part of changing lives and certainly they made a real difference. We thank God for his divine grace and favour on CLC’s first ever mission trip, and look forward with eager anticipation to the next.