St. Vincent Mission Trip

Five dedicated young men and women from the church took time out to be a part of the mission trip. The main objective was to share Christ through the gospel and also to support the community with humanitarian gifts and donations.
Whilst the team was there, they worked in association with a local church called Gospel Pavilion Tabernacle Church. The church was planted by a faithful woman of God who is still serving the Lord with all her heart and strength. The Lord accomplished great things through the team whilst they were there, serving and reaching out to many with the gospel of Christ. Many came to know the Lord and turned away from their unrighteous lifestyles.
The team together with some of the members of the local church went out daily sharing their faith with the people in the community of BIABOU and the suburban areas. It was a big challenge for some of the people in the community to receive the word of Christ; religion has dominated the lives of many of the people, and they failed to understand that it is Christ alone who can redeem us from our sins. Every evening a daily bible study was conducted in the main church auditorium to teach the word of God to the local church, the meeting was open to visitors and some guests attended.
The team and members from the church conducted a school assembly at The Adelphi Secondary School in BIABOU. The team encourage the children to continue pursuing their education with faith, and to trust God for greater knowledge and understanding throughout their educational life. A set of dictionaries were donated to the school in order to support the good work which the educational system is fulfilling in the community. Visiting the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown the capital was a great moment for the people of the hospital. The team donated a number of different items such as; medical equipments, bed liners, detergents, towels, hand washers and many other items. The administrator of the hospital showed his appreciation in his speech; by thanking the members of Christian Life Centre Church and Gospel Pavilion Tabernacle Church, for travelling such a distance to bring gifts to support the hospital. The team was given the opportunity to go around the hospital wards ministering the Word of the Lord to the sick, praying and encouraging them to continue trusting the Lord for their healing.
The local church also extended their invitation to others churches within the community, to join in fellowshipping with one another, and breaking bread. The Lord granted the team favour with the people, and many choose to give their hearts to Him making Christ their Lord and personal savour. Through the teachings many people’s lives were transformed, others were healed emotionally and spiritually. We thank God for Christian Life Centre Church, who supported this trip with prayer and financial donation, making it possible for the gospel to be preached to the people of St Vincent. CLC’s again fulfilled its mission of ‘Making a Difference’ by Changing Lives and Fulfilling Dreams during this short but worthwhile trip.