Miracle Primary School Project-Uganda

This school is an extraordinary institution that is run by people who seek nothing but the prosperity of a generation that has been rejected due to inequality and poor social background.
One of the most remarkable elements story about this school is that its founder is a non-academic person; perhaps described as uneducated one who could neither read nor write. However, the founder had an incredible passion for children to be educated in spite of her own experience of not being educated. Of course this sound slightly ridiculous and unrealistic but her faith, determination and absolute commitment to the word of God has made that dream a reality today.
MPS started in the year 2000 with just 6 children in the founder’s living room. Today MPS has over 250 children from different social, religious and economic backgrounds. Half of the children in the school are unable to afford the required school fees due to poor family backgrounds and difficult social factors. The condition of the school testifies to the underprivileged origins of its founder and students; the school lacks quality resources to enhance strong academic achievement. Poorer children need additional support to ensure they continue to receive some form of education. Despite all these difficult challenging circumstances facing the school, its leadership and staff remain dedicated to make a difference in the lives the children. The enthusiasm of the team that runs the school is astonishing and they genuinely have an interest for the marginalised to receive quality education.
Over the last few years, Christian Life Centre (CLC) has supported MPS with financial resources to help mitigate shortfalls in their running costs. However, at beginning of 2016 CLC begun a closer relationship with MPS to establish a purposeful plan that will support the enhancement of MPS’s objectives. The relationship led CLC to send a team of its members to Uganda to visit MPS. The purpose of the visit was to obtain detailed information about the school and its operational activities. The visit also provided clearer perspective enabling the team to make a better judgement about the needs of MPS and how CLC would support their needs most effectively.
Undoubtedly, there was a significant need in the report that the team brought back from MPS. They had witnessed some incredible testimonies about the school. They saw deprivation and some difficult living condition of the children that attend the school. Some of the situations that brought the children to the school were unimaginable but the people who run MPS warmly embrace all the children and provide them with an equal education. MPS has been supporting the education needs for children from different background. Some of the children came from parents who have contracted HIV, refugee children, children from parents who are heavy addicted to drugs and alcohol, non-Christian homes; children who have been abandon by their parents due to their personal situation and orphans. Psalm 72:12 (NKJV) stated “For He will deliver the needy when he cries, the poor also, and him who has no helper”.
This portion of scripture in Psalms reflects God’s heart for people in a desperate state of life. God’s ultimate plan for these children is for them to come closer to Him, and to discover His unfailing love towards them. His plan is to redeem the needy and provide help for the helpless. When we fail to see the needs in others, we devalue God’s gift of love. On the other hand when we recognise the need of others we reveal the heart of God to those who are helpless.
The scale of needs, the low standard of MPS’s structure and the stories of the children have compelled CLC to increase its support to MPS. Due to the factors surrounding MPS and the remarkable work that they have been doing, CLC have decided to partner and foster MPS as a project for the next three years with the aim to extend it to five years. Our aim over the next three years is to provide financial grants and physical resources to MPS. We believe the support will help MPS to restructure its educational activities, improve its infrastructure and set prolific standards that will meet learning needs of the children. The extension of our financial support will also enable MPS to increase its learning resources for the children and to make the school a better place. This support will ease some of the financial challenges that MPS has been facing and to give MPS a much stronger platform to operate.
Our desire and aim is to be part of MPS journey as it is vital for these children; we want them to gain the same privileges and opportunities given by God to explore their potential. When these children rise to their destiny and purpose in life, they will be able to empower their nation, increase the economy of their society and influence their social circle for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our prayer and aspiration that this great work with MPS will grow and become a notable phenomenon in the lives of those children.