My Trip To Romania

My Trip To Romania

What an amazing weekend I had in Romania filled with the power and glory of God far above anything we could ask or think. Liz and I were met at the airport by a beautiful lady who drove us to Pastor Vilie and Nusi’s house, who welcomed us with open arms. Pastor Vilie owns his own restaurant, so a wonderful meal awaited us.

On Saturday great excitement filled the church as we entered.  The whole place was filled to capacity. The atmosphere was filled with God’s Glory, as we were encouraged to hear God’s voice and, when we do, to obey it. In an atmosphere like this it probes questions such as, do you really expect that the divine voice of God can be heard by you? Some of us don’t believe we are able to hear His voice…. Do you really think that He loves you enough to die for you but He not love you enough to talk to you? But let me make you aware God does not speak simply to be heard, he speaks to be obeyed. So when you hear the voice of God you are supposed to hear it and immediately get busy obeying what God is telling you to do. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27). Jesus is saying because we have a relationship with him we should expect to hear the voice of God.

The first time I spoke I shared from Nehemiah 2:12-18 about an Intimidation spirit. I explained to the church that an intimidating spirit unleashes confusion, discouragement, hopelessness, and frustration. Its goal is to cause you to lose your proper perspective. Everything will seem overwhelming, difficult or even impossible. Not only did they try to discourage Nehemiah’s men, but they also tried to make them look foolish in the eyes of the people. But Nehemiah knew God had spoken so he was not intimidated by his officials.

I also spoke on proverbs 31:10 about a Woman of Worth. The example of the woman described in this passage of scripture is not unreachable.  It’s not a tease; but it is perfectly designed for women to look at.  It’s in the Bible for a reason.  It’s in the Bible because it is achievable.  It provided us with a good role model and God knew that women would need a role model to look at and to aim towards and that’s what Proverbs 31 is about.  This message was impacted and insightful and many lives of many ladies were changed that day.

On Sunday, once again, the whole church was full. The message was about the importance of families. Ephesians 5:21 – Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. So I asked the question, “Wives, is there a way we could be more caring, more loving, more helpful to our husband? and husbands could you be a little bit more of what God would have you to be?”. It was an eye opener for both the women and the men. Pastor Vilie and I spoke up similar subject that day, I love when God connects the pieces together, He has a way of making everything fall into place.

Overall it was such a privilege to go to Romania and share God’s heart to great woman and men of God, I got to fellowship and build great friendship with awesome God centred people, who are doing an incredible work for their city.y

I’ll love to share with you this video from the service below. Please enjoy.


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