Pastor Grady Reid

Pastor Grady Reid

Pastor Grady Reid is the senior Pastor of Christian Life Centre (CLC) Church based in Oxford England.

CLC was pioneered in 1996 when the Lord instructed him to preach His word without fear and that if he obeyed He would work mightily on his behalf. The Lord was true to His words and CLC is now home to hundreds of people every Sunday.

Pastor Grady is married to Pastor Cindy and they are blessed with three children, two girls and a boy. All their children know Jesus Christ and are fully involved in the life of the church.

Pastor Grady is widely known in the city of Oxford, he is part of Love Oxford Gathering, Oxford Pastors Forum.

Under Pastor Grady’s Leadership CLC has established; chicken farming projects, dug bore-holes, establish faith society micro-finance systems for the poor in different parts of the world and homeless residential projects in Oxford as well as launching a number of other community projects. He is a regular commentator on Oxford Radio and writes a column in the Oxford Mail.

Pastor Grady preaches the word with wisdom, drawing illustrations from His own personal life and life in general, bringing forth divine insights with relevance, so that his hearers can apply the word to everyday living. Pastor Grady places personal responsibility on the hearers of the word with emphasis on progressing the life that God has blessed them with.

The thrust of his teachings is based on the truth that we all have the opportunity to a life of victory in Jesus Christ.

Worship Pastor / Facilities Manager
Pastor Cindy Reid