Return to Indoor Services

Return to Indoor Services

Dear CLC Family,

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to attend church together in person and we’re excited to be coming back to The Regal on the 4th of April, Resurrection Sunday.

We have not laxed in our approach or Covid-19 protocols, however, there’ll be a few changes with regards to the process of coming into the building and also during the service. If you are in the vulnerable category and have not received both your jabs, we’d love to see you but please do stay and enjoy the service from home.

The services will be streamed via YouTube.


We will no longer be taking temperature checks for every individual coming into the building. However, if you have experienced a fever or a high temperature within 3 days of a Sunday service, we’d appreciate if you would not come to the building to keep yourself and your church family safe.

Also, we strongly encourage you to use the hand sanitiser in the church as the strength of the alcohol in it is stronger than most products you buy in the shop. This will help reduce the risk of contaminating any surfaces you may touch.

All the other procedures since the last lockdown apply.

  1. There will be no singing allowed in the building.
  2. You are encouraged to keep your masks on during the service where possible.
  3. Social distancing within the church and outside the building is still in place according to government guidelines.
  4. Once the service is over, please do not stay around to socialise as the government rules on socialising are clear and very much still in place. As a church, we need to continue to be an example to the community and adhere to the law and regulations set out.

As we come back to church, be encouraged and assured we are doing everything we can to ensure yours and your family’s safety.

We are thrilled to see you all once again and worship God together.