Run to win August ’20

Run to win August ’20

Worship or Work

Work is important and good, but intimacy with the lord is much more important

This Christian man, was giving his story and he said:

“My wife has a lovely car, expensive clothes lots of money, she gives to others. But more than anything she wants and needs to be close and intimate with me.
He said he can do all kind of things for her, takes her to parties, candlelit dinners, movies…But nothing takes the place of him putting his arms around her and telling her that he loves her. Nothing takes the place of him looking into her eyes and reassuring her of his commitment to their marriage. He says the best part of their relationship is talking and touching.”

Intimacy is the key to a loving relationship.
Intimacy with the lord is what keeps our relationship with him strong and lasting.
He wants to give us many things, but more than anything he wants us to be close and personal with him.
He wants us to be able to hear and recognize his voice and not be distracted by another voice.

Jesus said in John 10 that he is the good shepherd and his sheep know his voice and will not follow another.

We must develop an intimate and close relationship with him. To enable us to distinguish his voice in the mist of any chaos, confusion or any other thing that would attempt to draw us away from him.

Mary knew and understood the importance of being at the feet of Jesus.

Somehow she knew that being close to him and hearing what he had to say was important.

She was not going to let this special moment and opportunity escape or pass her by

Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with precious oil and dried his feet with her hair, in her heart, she knew that this was more important to Jesus than the work that Martha was doing.

Martha was Ministering for the Lord
Mary was ministering to the lord

Both of these ministries are important, but Jesus himself declared that Mary had chosen the better ministry.

Quite often people will work very hard for the kingdom of God, they will spend hours and hours doing things that really need to be done, but somehow, they never find the time to minister to the lord.

The father wants us to spend precious and intimate time with him.

Judas rebuked Mary for ministering to Jesus the way she was attending to him

Judas accused her of wasting very precious and expensive oil.

While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the leper, a woman came to Him with an alabaster jar of expensive perfume, which she poured on His head as He reclined at the table. When the disciples saw this, they were indignant and asked, “Why this waste?…

Jesus on the other hand rebuked Judas, who was a thief anyway, and acknowledges that this was a special moment for Mary.

She had saved this expensive oil especially for the saviour, and the moment had come for her to pour out this expression of her love on the lord’s body. Jesus protected her in her act of worship.

Matthew 7.21-23 Ministry for the lord vs Ministry to the lord

In the 7th chapter of Matthew. Jesus talks about those who will come to him on the Day of Judgment and talk about the good things they have done in his name. Doing goods works is not a substitute for knowing or having an intimate or personal relationship with him.

God has gone to great lengths to be among us and have fellowship with us, we must get our priorities right. Knowing him and spending quality time with him is the best thing we can do in worship experience. Math 7v 21-23 not everyone that saith unto me lord

What a great disappointment it will be on the Day of Judgment for many people when the lord will reject those who did great works, but had no genuine relationship with him.

Until next time.

Pastor Cindy.

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