Run to Win (March)

Run to Win (March)

Reading the Bible is a good habit

Many of us have some really bad habits but today I want to talk about a good habit to have.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

2 Timothy 3:16

I remember from about four years old my aunt would make us memorise a verse from the bible, so that when we get to Sunday school, we would be the first to put our hands up and say,” I know it.”

It was a good way to help place God’s word into our heart at a young age.

Maybe this is a good time to make a commitment to God to read your bible every day. Is this an area where you’ve been on again, off again? I’ve been there too. There’re times when I have struggled with reading the word, where I have put other things before the word of God.

What I did was to allow the Holy Spirit to help me, you can win this victory in your life, He will help you. And even if you unintentionally skip your reading of the bible for a few days, don’t let the devil condemn you, ask for forgiveness and get back on schedule.

The truth is, there is nothing more powerful than the word of God. It has the answer to every question you will ever ask, and it contains the power to meet every need in your life. The word promises that if you will obey it, it will produce health for your body, it is the answer to every human need.

The regular absence of God’s word from your life will jeopardise your faith, steal your joy, produce an intolerance of others, and create putrid attitudes that disgust not only God and others, but you as well. In fact, ignoring the daily reading of your bible will affect your ability to be spiritually productive and eventually make you spiritually infertile.

Let’s talk about correction. Paul went on to write that the word of God brings “correction” into our lives.  The apostle was declaring that whenever, wherever, at any moment, or at any time a person makes a decision to build his life on the word of God and to allow its light to shine into the deepest parts of his being, to expose the dark area that need to be change, that word will release the power required for the necessary change. God’s word will lift that person, even if he has been knocked flat on his back in life, and will set him back up on his feet again. This correction that comes from God’s word will cause him once again to stand erect and upright, regardless of how long he has been down and out. The word of God will release so much power in that person’s life that it will put him back on his feet.

Once it has put that person back on his feet, the word of God will then become his “instruction in righteousness.” The word instruction means to train a child, or to train or to give a child everything necessary to prepare them for life. The word righteousness is a Greek word for that which is right or just (those who live by a righteous standard result in upright living).

So, when God’s word is taken into our hearts and applied to our lives, it fully equips us to successfully live by a higher standard that leads to upright, godly, and clean living.

My encouragement to you is to fall in love with God’s word, read it every day, if you forget don’t beat yourself up repent and go again until you just can’t keep away.

Let it be your desire this year, to fall in love with God’s word.


Pastor Cindy


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