Run to win (November)

Run to win (November)

Purposefully making Christ the focus of the Christmas season.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:2

It is so easy to be distracted at Christmas time by the anticipation of gifts and holiday festivities. That is why it is so important that you follow Paul’s instruction in Colossians 3:2 and purposefully set your affection on things above, and not on things on the earth during the Christmas season.

When I was a child, I loved siting and looking at the lights and decorations for hours at a time. So, to keep my focus on Christ and not fix it on the Christmas tree, I was encouraged to think more on the real purpose of Christmas, and what Jesus birth meant to me and not being fixated on things below but to become fixated on things above.

This Christmas is your opportunity to esteem others better than yourself. Most of what you think you need can be delayed. Meanwhile, this Christmas is your chance to really show your love to those who are dear to you. So rather than think of yourself this Christmas, put aside your own needs and focus on the needs and desires of others. Not only will it deal with selfishness in you but it will also teach those around you the great lesson of making sacrifices for others.

So, I want to ask you: What are you purposefully doing this year to make Christ the centre of your Christmas season for yourself and those around you? Are you focused and fixated more on the natural part of the season, or have you purposefully lifted your thoughts to Christ and the real message of the season?

Today I want to encourage you to think of ways to elevate your thoughts to set your mind on Jesus, seated at the right hand of the father. After all, He is the real reason for the season. You can do it, and you can help others do it too.

My prayer for today

Father, I ask you to help me purposefully and deliberately lift my thoughts to a higher realm than where they’ve been in past Christmases. Yes, the season is joyful and full of festivities, but help me remember that it is your commandment that my thoughts go to a higher place than short-lived, seasonal experiences. I will meditate on what really matters at this time of the year, and I will grow spiritually as a result. I pray this in Jesus name.

Questions for you to consider.

  1. People often get so caught up in the purchasing and giving of gifts or in holiday activities that the real message of Christmas gets side-tracked in the midst of it all. What are you purposefully doing this year to make sure that Jesus remains the very centre of your Christmas experience?
  2. If you have children, grandchildren, or other children who are close to you, what can you do to help them focus on the real story of Christmas this year.
  3. Christmas is a time when we celebrate God’s gift of love- Jesus Christ by giving gifts to others. Some of life’s most precious gifts don’t cost any money at all; they cost only the sacrifice of ourselves. In what ways can you give to others that will represent the true meaning of Christmas in their lives? Do you give to people who don’t know you or who can’t reciprocate by giving back to you?  

Enjoy the season.

Love, Pastor Cindy.


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