She is prayerful and God fearing

She is prayerful and God fearing

………And her lamp does not go out by night (Prov.31: 18)

This woman does not only work hard physically, she does not lag behind in spiritual matters too. She is very prayerful; her lamp does not go out by night. Though hard working all through the day, she would not take her relationship with the Lord for granted. She knows that that is actually the source of her spiritual and physical strength. She is a God-fearing woman. She knows that her hope to duly follow the Lord and to daily run away from doing evil is in His strength alone.

No matter how busy she is, she maintains her link with the Lord. She is a watch-woman over the affairs of her home. She watches even the ways of her husband. She is very sensitive spiritually. Her speech is full of wisdom and kindness. She would not speak wrongly or utter anything ungodly. Even though, most of the provision for the family comes through her, she would not slander her husband or nag him. She is also open-hearted and open-handed towards the poor and the needy. She is loving and kind.

The fear of God motivates a woman to diligently labour over the family as unto the Lord and not necessary for a reward from the man. It makes her to always seek to do her husband good all the time. The fear of the Lord teaches us to know that God’s will is the best for our lives, and it will make us seek to do His will always. It helps us to know that without Him we can not do nothing, thus depending on the Lord for everything. So, the fear of the Lord makes a woman prayerful.
Do you fear God? Are you prayerful?
Do you have an inner motivation to be prayerful or you take prayer as a religious routine?
Do you have the fear of God in your heart?
Will you say you fear God when the love of money and self has taken the central stage in your heart?
Will you say you fear God when you are still living in sin?
Do you fear God and yet you are still able to cut corners to make selfish gain and to have your way?
Where is the fear of God in your heart when you are still able to keep malice and harbour bitterness in your heart against people and even against your husband?
The fear of God makes one to actual hate sin. Most of the time, lack of victory over sin is due to lack of the fear of God in the heart.

When you open your mouth, what comes out of it?
Is it malicious words, insults and curses? Or is it kind words? God’s virtue in a woman makes her to speak with wisdom. She is quick to hear but slow to speak. On her tongue is the law of kindness. It is important for us to learn to control our tongue. If any woman does not know how to bridle her tongue, the Lord says her religion is in vain.
One thing to pray about as you go along in your walk with God is to ask Him to do something in your life that will put His fear in your heart. It will help you to be prayerful, to completely depend on God and to learn to control your tongue.

God Bless,
Pastor Cindy.


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