New Life In Christ

Finding Hope and A Home

God Is Faithful

My life was full of bitterness and rage, I hated anyone that came in my way, I was hot tempered and never thought about my actions, I would keep silent over an issue yet plotting on how to revenge and before I knew it, I made the situation much worse by hitting the person.
It was challenging growing up as a Christian child in a non-practicing Christian family, because I always wanted to be active in church and go to all the Sunday schools but that wasn’t possible. So I prayed that I could be allowed to go to church every Sunday and get involved in church life. My parents soon let me go to church for a while, but then they changed their mind and only let me go to church occasionally. And other times my parents changed their minds on Sunday morning, which meant I didn’t go to Church.
As a child I thought God was purposely not answering my prayers, it’s in these moments that I felt let down by God, but as I grew up spiritually, I understood that God wanted me to learn to obey my parents, (Ephesians: 6:1-3) love and respect them regardless. So I did this and he soon paved a way for me to attend church unrestricted.
However, I must admit that I felt let down by God the most, when one of my uncles told me that I would never amount to anything. This uncle also said it’s a shame that I am the oldest child, because would I ever influence my younger siblings when I am very full of God.
Therefore, hearing this as a child was heart-breaking, I always lost self-esteem whenever I remembered what this uncle said to me,
(Jeremiah:29:11) reminded me that God is faithful and he was teaching me that living for him meant to fully depend and trust him no matter what others think or say about me. Through this I also learnt that most of all we must stay humble, respectful and love even when it is hardest, for love always wins.( 1Corinthians:13:13).

Christ has illustrated his faithfulness to me, he has taught me never to give up but pray and have faith because he is always listening even when I think he is not –Throughout my salvation journey I have always prayed for my parents and all siblings to receive Jesus as their saviour and he surely brought it to pass. My three youngest siblings gave their lives to Christ a few weeks after we joined CLC in 2011 my mum also accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and saviour. Am confident that the lord is working in the lives of the rest of my family members, and one day they will come to accept and live for Christ.
I have developed a relationship with Christ that has been possible through intentionally creating time for God in my everyday life, I have learnt to separate myself and spend time with just God, as Pastor Cindy says “uninterrupted time with God creates an overflow of God’s presence in our lives”. Time with God has definitely helped me to always approach life’s challenges with a Godly perspective.