What to Expect

What to Expect

You can expect to find a welcoming, inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with us. We consider ourselves one big family and would make you feel right at home.
The Word is preached with relevance, clarity and purpose, building into people’s life the eternal truth of God’s word. CLC is not offering ‘quick fix’ solutions for years spent in neglect of one’s character, however, we say with confidence and conviction that if you commit your ways to the Lord, your life will change for the glory of God.

What can I expect when I visit?
You can expect to find a welcoming, inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with us.

Would I be welcome at your church?
Yes you would be welcome.  All persons are welcome at Christian Life Centre Church. We have persons of different races, languages, educational levels and backgrounds as part of our church family.  We have people who are in school, employed, stay at home moms and dads, looking for work and retired.  We are a mixed bag of men, women, teens and children seeking to grow spiritually and to love God and neighbour.

Do you know what you believe?
Yes we understand ourselves to be followers of Jesus Christ who have committed ourselves to serving him by cultivating mission, inclusion and community.  Our beliefs emphasizes the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit and the freedom of the individual conscience.

What kind of worship services do you have?
We have our regular weekly service on Sundays at 11am and our Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7:30pm.

How should I dress for Sunday service?
At Christian Life Centre, we are most concerned, as Jesus is, about the condition of the inner person. Therefore, external appearance, though important, is not our primary concern. We however, seek to maintain an atmosphere that helps us to focus on Jesus Christ. While many of our people attend church dressed in traditional attire (coat, tie, etc.), many of our members and visitors dress much more causally (sport shirts, jeans, etc.)
However, don’t worry about what you wear. We won’t. We’ll just be glad you came to join us.

Is there child care?
We have a baby care area where you can go and feed your child or soothe them if they are getting restless. You can still enjoy the service from here. There is also Creche (Ages 1-5) and a Children’s Church ( Ages 6-12).