About Us

We are committed to becoming a Holy, Growing and Serving Community.

Brief History

After weeks of prayer, training and trusting in God the team was released to do the work of God in Jamaica. This year’s mission was in collaboration with Church of God of Prophecy, Morant Bay in the Parish of St Thomas. The Morant Bay Church of God of Prophecy was pioneered by the late Rev Houston Reid Senior. Rev Houston Reid Senior had an unfailing love for this community and he brought the transformed message of Jesus Christ to the people. His legacy still continues and his great work has paved the way for many who today have come to know and are enjoying the goodness of God.   By the grace God, Christian Life Centre Church Oxford which was established over nineteen years ago in Oxford and is led by Rev Grady Reid, (the son of Rev Reid Senior) has seen it fitting to honour the excellent work that his father started in Morant Bay.

Founded by Pastor Grady Reid in 1996, the Church has established a strong presence within the city of Oxford and our work and ministry is influencing many lives for Jesus. We are committed to becoming a Holy, Growing, Serving Community. We are a people whose desire is to love the Lord and express that love by loving one another. This is a journey we are actively pursuing and you are invited to join us. You are welcome to be a part of our services and we can promise you a great time of rejoicing in the Lord, warmth, true fellowship that will leave you with an increased appreciation of the Lord’s great gift of salvation.